Harvey the Penguin

An interactive sculpture that follows the story of a lost penguin trying to discover its place in a growing technological world.  Will you be able to help Harvey discover what it means to find a home, or will you fall into the rabbit hole that is Harvey's reality?

Annoucment : Robotics are down! =( but the narrative is up! 
link to story:http://cbb63957a328.ngrok.io/
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Harvey the Penguin is both a sculpture and a interactive web project. If you would like to partake in the webside of the project, please refer to the questionairre below to reserve your time slot. You will be limited to 7 minutes, however this should be plenty of time to get the full experience of Harvey the penguin. If you would like more time with the robot feel free to explore the project during its off-hours, or reserve more time.

   1.You may view the sculpture at anytime through twitch,scan the QR code, or click the link to get to the interactive site.
   2. It is recommended that you have either two windows open, or you use two screens, such as your computer screen, and your cell phone. One to explore the website, and the other to watch Harvey respond.
   3. When you are finished interacting with the website, refer to the “Exit” link in the top left corner to reset the experience for the next participant.
If you come across an error:
ngrok gateway error
The server returned an invalid or incomplete HTTP response.

      don’t panic! It just takes time for Harvey to process the information. Communicating with a human being can be stressful for Harvey, so please just Refresh the Page and all should be good.